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1280 Boca Juniors Riquelme Chant supporting Juan Roman RiquelmeWinner of Copa Libertadores and Intercontinental among others Lista de Reproducción
4673 Belgrano The Spicy One César Pereyra - known as El Picante Lista de Reproducción
4932 Banfield We Must Encourage The Drill Banfield chanting against the police. The drill is the nickname for Banfield team Lista de Reproducción
5494 Colón Ole Bichi This chant is in homage to Esteban "El Bichi " - one of the best goal keepers Colon has ever had. Lista de Reproducción
5879 San Lorenzo Romeo Bernardo Romeo... Lista de Reproducción
6108 Estudiantes Ole Chavo Supporting Leandro "Chavo" Desábato Lista de Reproducción
6816 Belgrano Ole The Mute In honour to the player "El Mudo (The Mute)" Franco Vazquez, who was known for not talking much as a player and now a part of Belgrano's managers Lista de Reproducción
8509 Belgrano Ole Ole Ole The Black In honour to the player "The Black" Rivoir Rodriguez Lista de Reproducción
8852 Quilmes Alayes, Alayes, Alayes Another chant for Agustin Alayes, no longer playing as he as retired Lista de Reproducción
8916 Estudiantes Ole Chapu Supporting Rodrigo "Chapu" Braña Lista de Reproducción
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10583 Quilmes Agustin, Agustin, Agustin Chant supporting Agustin Alayes was a central defender from 2000 to 2005. Currently is retired. Lista de Reproducción
10634 Argentinos Juniors Ojeda For our Goalie Lista de Reproducción
10657 Argentinos Juniors Ortigoza Song for Ortigoza Lista de Reproducción
12592 Quilmes Ole Ole Ole Caute Chant encouraging the striker Martin Cauterucio Lista de Reproducción

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