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1811 All Boys And Come on All Boys Insulting most of their rivals Lista de Reproducción
2415 All Boys Those Not Jumping Are from Liniers Sung whilst jumping around - Liniers is where Velez and Argentinos Juniors are from Lista de Reproducción
3235 All Boys Not River nor Boca An anti Argentinos Juniros, Boca and River chant Lista de Reproducción
3274 Argentinos Juniors You Don't Have Balls Telling San Lorenzo they don't have balls because they've never won the Copa Libertadores Lista de Reproducción
4068 Argentinos Juniors 3 Are Missing at the Pandilla Remembering past acts of violence Lista de Reproducción
5197 Argentinos Juniors Trotta Said It Argentinos boys having a go at the rivals of Velez Lista de Reproducción
8592 All Boys Seems Like Atlanta This happended right after the end of a match that All Boys lost by penalties against Atlanta. Atlanta was mocking them and then they came up with this song Lista de Reproducción
10845 Chacarita Juniors Almirante - Matadores and Floresta Insulting the suburbs of Almirante Brown, Matadores and Floresta Lista de Reproducción
14130 Chacarita Juniors Tigre... NEW Saying that the Tigre fans talk with the police Lista de Reproducción
15732 Argentinos Juniors Come on Bichitos, We Will Win NEW Argentinos fans having a go at San Lorenzo Lista de Reproducción
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15753 All Boys Baby-bottle NEW Mocking the Atlanta fans because they weren't enought to take the flag down Lista de Reproducción
15783 Argentinos Juniors We Keep Supporting NEW The Bicho gang insults rivals of Velez and Boca Lista de Reproducción
15833 Argentinos Juniors Come to Look for Me NEW Bicho ultras looking for a fight Lista de Reproducción
15848 Argentinos Juniors Come On, Come on the Bichos NEW Come on los Bichos Lista de Reproducción
16240 Ferro Carril Oeste This Is for Liniers NEW Dedicated to the San Lorenzo and Huracán fans Lista de Reproducción
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